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Visual Style
Video shots should be tastefully composed in such a way that draws the viewer into your pitch.
Audio should be clean and well adjusted. Ensure the signal is clean and wind and rustling clothes do not obstruct the microphone. Check audio every time.
Lighting should be well-balanced if using artificial lights. If using natural light, make sure you don’t have harsh shadows on your face. 
Video resolution should correlate with the mode of final delivery for the product. In general, shooting at 1080p is ideal for all situations, but in the future, 4K may be necessary for certain uses. The basic phone settings should account for this.

Video should be shot in vertical 16:9 aspect ratio

Editing of Video
Videos should be tightly edited and convey our passion for your pitch. 

Keep video to 60 sec or less
All videos posted to the contest page and must be closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired on social media page.


Sample script

My name is...

I am a (insert school year) at (insert school)

My idea is...

I chose this because...

This will impact (insert target audience) by...


And remember, no idea too big or too small. It also does not have to be perfect! We are looking for passion, creativity, and thoughtfulness. 

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