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The Power of Planning YOUR Success!

It was such a pleasure sharing this virtual platform with all these amazing women today and hearing all they have to share!

Thank you, Nikkia and Tene Nicole PR & Marketing for giving me the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge with your beautiful audience!

I'm Latoya Shambo, CEO, and founder of BLACK GIRL DIGITAL

Where our mission is to get black female influencers paid consistently through always-on campaigns with Major Brands and Agencies!

It was my pleasure to enlighten you all on the Power of Planning YOUR Success! A chapter written so lovely by Dr. Angela Reddix in her latest book - Envision Lead Grow- Releasing the Boss Within - which, by the way, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend adding to your reading collection!

What I enjoyed most, in the Plan Your Success chapter, is the way she opened by stating

  • the benefits of business ownership, and

  • why PLANNING it's OPERATIONAL SUCCESS is such an essential element.

If you truly want to grow your business or shift your brand into a business

You have to stop HUSTLING and start OPERATING

Now I say that again just in case you missed it

You have to stop HUSTLING and start OPERATING

The best way to shift into operational success and hit the six-figure mark is by taking the time to craft a plan!

When you read her story you'll learn that planning is second nature to her

However, that may not be the case for many of us, but that's okay

For me, I plan because I hate surprises! I absolutely hate them!

But for many, planning may simply feel uncomfortable.

Here's the thing: sometimes

You have to get uncomfortable before you get comfortable

and I'll say that again just in case you missed it.

Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable before you get comfortable

Sure you can hire someone but you still have to participate in the process and sit still, think, plan and prepare.

I love that Dr. Angela mentions the word INTENT so many times throughout the chapter

If you lead with INTENT you're more likely to get it done, by any means necessary, especially if you know that planning will yield you the result you desire.

There is definitely an Art & Science to planning your success, but again, you have to move with INTENT. Dr. Angela and I are very similar in our approach, as I can relate to so many of the methodologies that she uses throughout her life.

For example, for me, I realized that PLANNING my PERSONAL LIFE and PROFESSIONAL LIFE goes hand-in-hand.

If my PERSONAL LIFE is chaotic it causes distractions, those distractions > disrupt my business, and those disruptions slow the success of my business!

And that I CANNOT AFFORD, literally! I can’t afford to be thrown off my game when there are so many people depending on me → so I have to pull it together and PLAN APPROPRIATELY for both professional and personal lifestyles.

Now as it relates to PLANNING the SUCCESS and GROWTH of your business it is imperative to understand these Five KEY Points - in my opinion -

1. You have to understand every element of your business

---> it will alleviate so much stress during the planning process

---> Knowing how everything is supposed to run will help you create more efficient processes

--->You will know who the key hires needs to be, etc.

2. POSITION for PROFIT through PROPER PLANNING - Assess where your greatest NET PROFIT MARGIN is coming from and focus your resources accordingly

I'll say it again...Assess where your greatest NET PROFIT MARGIN is coming from and focus your resources accordingly

don't get caught up in the “COOL” → “Cool” cost money

And what I mean is: If you are running a small business with multiple revenue streams, focus your energy on the sector that is bring in the most net profit with less effort -- Don’t host an event just to be hosting an event, if you are not walking away with a profit then you are just draining your business and slowing the growth - unless however, it’s a PR move or you are a not for profit)

3. Understand your PRIORITIES

---> Everything ain't important!

---> Identify - What needs to get done today and what can wait until tomorrow? Simple questions - TRY PRE-PLANNING for one week and watch how your life changes - You will start to feel like the master of your time - At least I do.


---> There is nothing wrong with GOOD PIVOT - businesses do it all the time!

The only way you will understand and realize that you need to Pivot is by:

  • reviewing and

  • revising

  • reviewing and

  • revising your plan over and over and if it ain't working RE-STRATEGIZE, it’s okay

5. Build a solid team

---> You can’t grow without a SUPPORT SYSTEM - Period.

---> I cannot stress this enough build a solid team that will help push your mission forward

---> When you hit SIX-FIGURES...Do your happy dance for a few minutes

---> But if you are PLANNING PROPERLY...YOUR NEXT MOVE is to PLAN for 7 FIGURES - then it’ll truly hit - You REALLY can’t do this shit on your own, and you might need a couple of people…

  1. CPA

  2. Accountant

  3. Bookkeeper

  4. Financial Advisor

  5. Advisory Board

  6. Business Coach

  7. Sales Team - Marketing Team - and the list goes on depending on the kind of business you run!

I say to my business partner at the end of every year,

“We can't operate at the same level next year if we plan to grow! Processes have to improve. We need to hire more leaders that can help push our mission forward!”

I love how Dr. Angela and her husband have - WHAT I CALL - “Growth Meetings” during their annual family vacation! They both recognize the POWER of PARTNER PLANNING for their continued GROWTH and SUCCESS!

Tony Robinson said, “If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.”

I don't know about y'all but every year we need

  • more money

  • more impact

So we can't do the same things we did last year if we expect to grow the following year! Our Values and Mission don’t change but PLANS are to be REVISED, Processes are to be IMPROVED, and TEAMS need to grow!

My ADVICE: It doesn't matter how slow you go - JUST GO - or you won't grow. PERIOD!  

It took me four months of Silencing the world around me to focus on my personal transformation and business growth. The process of rebranding, re-strategize, and realigning took time!

What got me through it successfully, because self-isolation can drive you crazy, was this constant reminder that I'm on my time. I'm not on no one else's time. I don't care who is rushing me for this. Hold the phone...slow down will get it done.

It was important to me that I take my time to plan 2020 in 2019 so we can see everything coming from a mile away.

Dr. Reddix wrote, “If we don't plan it, it simply doesn’t happen!” and that applies for both business and personal! Yes, You can wing it, sure, but imagine how stressful that is day in and day out? I know I’d be stressed out.

In closing, BUILDING A SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS is not about YOU making SIX- figures, personally, at the beginning at least, it is about building a sustainable business that allows you to OPERATE-- hire key staff, pay yourself a modest of salary and things of that nature but without PROPER PLANNING you'll be less likely to achieve any of this in a timely fashion.

Dr. Angela wrote it best, “The MAGIC is in the PLAN” 


  • Discover your passion

  • Feel your purpose

  • Have your dream

  • See your vision

  • Create the PLAN & EXECUTE

Most importantly, know when it’s time to take your business to the next level. Getting there will require you to:

  • Review

  • Revise and,

  • Restrategize!

Thank you all so much for your time and attention. Please follow me @latoyashambo on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin as well as @blackgirldigitalinc

Stay Safe!

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Judy Cazeau
Judy Cazeau

I am just finding this now!! Any chance the conference was recorded? I'd love to get it if available. I'm in the process of rebranding and getting my stuff licensed and certified. I will be getting in touch for sure!! Great article sis

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