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Meet Victoria Makanjuola, Black Girl Digital's 2020 Inspires Giveaway Winner

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Do you remember our well-anticipated #BlackGirlDigitalInspires2020 giveaway to One (1) Lucky Winner to see Oprah speak (special guest: Michelle Obama, our former First Lady) at her 2020 Vision Tour: Your Life in Focus at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on February 8th, 2020 with Black Girl Digital's CEO, LaToya Shambo? Black Girl Digital is pleased to announce that winner of #BlackGirlDigitalInspires2020 was Victoria Makanjuola!

Speaking of Black Girl Magic...

Victoria's experience was featured in her school's newsletter, and she highlights her experience in her amazing blog, As Told by Victoria. Before I get into the specifics of her experience, I would first like to highlight some of the amazing things that Victoria is doing. As an undergrad, Victoria studied Mass Communication with an emphasis in Multiplatform Journalism and Political Science at Sam Houston State University. She is currently in her first year of Graduate school at George Washington University, studying Media and Strategic Communications in the School of Media and Public Affairs (Class of #2021). After graduation, she intends to pursue a career in a major news company such as CBS News, or work on Capitol Hill for a congressional campaign or member of Congress. In addition to her studies, Victoria enjoys reading, writing, traveling, shopping, and watching #TheReal. Her future's so bright, and we cannot wait to see how she continues to share her #BlackGirlMagic with the world.

Victoria Makanjuola, @astoldbyvictoria_


Oprah has been an inspiration to so many people, but how often do you get to meet her, have an intimate one-on-one conversation with her, and hear first-hand how she has taken charge of her life and used her motivation to create lasting change? Not often...which is why the #BlackGirlDigitalInspires2020 giveaway was such an amazing opportunity for Victoria.

As told by Victoria...

"My year is MADE. It's not everyday you get to see Oprah Winfrey. Or Michelle Obama. In the same room. At the same time. Like together. Lord knows I can go on and on about how much admiration I have for these two powerful Black women."

Victoria recounted her experience as a blessing. When Oprah announced her tour schedule, she diligently went searching to find a way to get there. While balancing studying for finals and realizing that none of the tour locations were in DC, she was determined to find a way. Brooklyn, NY was the nearest location, but unfortunately, it was a sold out show. Fortunately for Victoria, Black Girl Digital was able to grant her that opportunity, and the rest was history!

LaToya Shambo and Victoria attended the event together. It was full of many inspirational speakers, guests, and attendees. Oprah disclosed an abundance of wisdom, but some of the wisdom seeds that stood out to Victoria the most were:

"Your real job here on Earth is to find your flow."
" When you envision your life, what do you see?"
"No matter where you are on your journey, you are right where you need to be!"
"Staying present in any experience is the foundation of your spiritual life."

Victoria enjoyed learning about the value of intention-setting and the importance identifying her intentions in each situation. Determining the why behind the why serves as a guiding light to how to be #purposeful and #intentional.

Another guest speaker included Rachel Hollis, author of "Girl Wash your Face." Some of her key points were to refrain from comparing oneself to others and that each person should run their own race at their own pace.

Did I mention that Michelle Obama, former First Lady, was in the building?! Victoria noted that the conversation between Michelle and Oprah was the ultimate highlight of her whole experience. Michelle pointed out that your 20's are the years for mapping out your life. Victoria found comfort in this statement, and learning to "walk [her] walk" is a process that she will take pride in moving forward. Identifying her chosen word for the year came to her as an "AHA" moment. She chose #MOTIVATION because this is a word that will challenge her to push towards her most intimidating dreams.

Try to sum up your guiding principles into one word. What word would you use to describe how you will push yourself to fulfill your purpose in #2020?

Black Girl Digital CEO, LaToya Shambo (Left) and Winner, Victoria Makanjuola (Right)

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Renelle Davis- Black Girl Digital Writer

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