The Art of

Influencer Marketing

When planning your influencer marketing campaign, it is important to approach it as an art. The artistry is in knowing your audience first, NOT your Influencer! Once you have a clear understanding of who your audience is (the person you are trying to convert), then you can start designing your influencer team. From there, the messaging should be a collaborative effort. Why? Because in order for your brand’s messaging to appear authentic and to resonate with your influencer’s audience (which is ultimately who you are trying to reach) it should be in the voice of the black woman that is standing behind it. 

Branded campaigns, aligned with black female influencers, are one of the best ways to create authentic connections with the black and African American female audience. For example, we connected emotionally and organically with black and African American families and drove them to watch VH1’s Dear Mama Tribute show. We had 7 influencers create 7 branded content videos with their kids or promoting their moms. The influencers skewed from millennial moms, teens moms, to mega influencers and the response was heartfelt. The campaign delivered nearly 5M impressions and reach over 3M people, with an astonishing 700 saves! Talk about Tune-in success!  


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Influencer LINKR (iLINKR), a product of Black Girl Digital, is an Influencer Relationship Management platform, the first of its kind to highlight Black and multicultural female influencers. We collect integral data that supports diversification in branding, initiatives, equitable wages, and advocacy for these audiences.


iLINKR, is a niche, technology, and data-driven influencer marketplace that links agencies and brands with influencers of color. Established in 2020 – iLINKR has come at a pivotal time where Black voices matter and brands are proactively seeking to diversify their overall social marketing strategies.


Powered by the Cultured, the iLINKR Team has over a decade of experience in the marketing and advertising industry and has executed over 500 influencer campaigns. With over 300 Black and multicultural female influencers in the network, our unique approach plus technical tools help us run effective campaigns and create impactful and profitable results for our clients.


We focus on the following categories: 

Home Improvement - Interior Design

Hair - Natural Haircare - Weaving 

Lifestyle - Entrepreneurship

Beauty - Makeup- Skincare

Family - Women's Interest's

Health - Fitness - Food

Fashion - Retail


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Join our network to monetize your Social media channels with branded campaigns using our iLINKR App!