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1. Is BGD an Influencer management agency?



2. Do you provide Influencer lists to Brands / Agencies?



3. What is a BGD integrated campaign?


An integrated campaign is where we curate influencers with a unified messaging strategy across multiple marketing channels. These channels include direct display media, programmatic, custom video, co-branded experiences.


4. Does BGD contract Influencers?


Yes, we provide a contract to every influencer per campaign 


5. Do you share your influencer contracts with brands?


No, in order to protect the privacy of our influencers.


6. How Does BGD Vet Influencers you contract for campaigns?


A thorough assessment is conducted to determine the level of risk an influencer poses if selected to participate in a brand partnership.


7. What are your definitions of influencer tiers?


Across all platforms:

  • Nano - 2.5k-9,999

  • Mid-Micro - 10k-49,999

  • Micro - 50k-299,999

  • Macro - 300k-499,999

  • Alist - 500k+

  • Celeb

8. How large is the BGD network?


We have over 1000 vetted Black and Brown creators in our network and are constantly adding more.


9. What is BGD’s minimum acceptable campaign budget?


No campaign is created equal. Please schedule a discovery call and we can take it from there. It’s helpful if you have an idea of your budget


10. What do scalable influencer campaigns mean?


This means we are working with multiple creators at the same time starting at 5 and up


11. What is the turnaround time to activate an influencer campaign? 

It truly depends on the scope of the project. We can get a campaign off the ground as soon as two weeks.


12. What guidelines does BGD follow for influencer campaigns? (including a link to FTC, etc.)


We adhere to the FTC guidelines and hold our influencers accountable as well. 


13. How much involvement is required of a Brand / Agency to launch a successful activation?


Our clients only need to provide approvals, feedback, and/or product, we take care of everything else.


14. Is there a minimum number of followers I need to be considered an influencer?


Yes. To work with Black Girl Digital as a paid influencer, you must have a min of 5,000 followers and a 2% average engagement rate.

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